Remote visualization of volume data images (SATT project)

VOLSTREAM is a library for displaying remotely huge volume data images on PCs or mobile handsets in a client-server architecture. Compressed data lossy or lossless are streamed on demand over the networks. With the last state of the art Codec based on vector quantization, its performance allows to handle multiterabyte images with an excellent interactivity. The user is able to navigate inside the volume, increase the resolution, or change the quality up to a display without loss. Movements, changes in resolution or quality are streamed continuously. The data is not partitioned avoiding visual artifacts or abrupt consumption of resources. An implementation of the decompression on graphic card, closer to the display, save bandwidth in networks, buses, memories and all the resources upstream of visualization. Data transfers are managed by the user interaction, allowing the server to stream the just amount of compressed data needed for the visualization. This makes possible an “out-of-core” process, able to display volume data images much more heavier than the client resources. The networked mobiles and tablets can take full advantage of this innovation, which greatly reduces the data transmitted from servers to the last stage of the display.

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