Professor of University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis


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Michel Barlaud is Professor at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. His research deals with image processing: wavelet transform for image and video compression, variationnal methods for 3D image reconstruction, denoising, segmentation, and Machine Learning methods for supervised classification.
He is editor is chief of two books. He is the co-author of more than 250 papers , including 7 book chapters, 54 papers in international journals, more than 200 articles in international conferences. His index evaluation is: h-index =35 and i-index =109. He has 10 007 citations of his papers.

He is involved in image processing collaborative research at a national level (ANR/ RNRT networks), at a European level with networks of excellence and Universities of Naples and Rome. He has collaborations at International level with US Universities: Stanford, Boston, Princeton, Michigan.

He supervised 34 PhD theses and he was a member of more than 200 PhD committees including 6 in Europe and referee for 6 tenure track promotions in the USA. He was cofounder and served as Associate Editor of the journal IEEE Trans. on Image Processing.

He has been promoted Fellow IEEE for "contributions to the theory and practice of image coding, restoration and segmentation" and senior member
of Institut Universitaire de France.