laurianePhD Student (Grant IFPEN)

Topic  Progressive compression of large evolutionary volumic meshes: geometry and properties.

Keywords Geoscience, massive dynamic data, visualization

Lauriane obtained her MSc in petroleum geoscience at University of Lorraine, and is graduated from the ENSG (National School of Geology from Nancy) with a specialization in numerical geology. She started her PhD under the supervision of Marc Antonini and Frederic Payan at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, and Laurent Duval (IFPEN). This thesis involves a collaboration between IFPEN an I3S, and aims at studying the progressive compression of large evolutionary volumic meshes. This kind of mesh is used in many fields simulating a lot of data: Geosciences, Wind Energy, Motors Modelisation... Such post processing would help the transfer, the storage, the visualization and the manipulation of meshes, and could also be used to initialize a data processing.